100% of Attendees at CT Women’s Conference Left with Outlines to Books

The Connecticut Women’s Alliance hosted their third annual women’s conference on April 25, 2013. Award-winning speaker, Kristen Eckstein, was one of their breakout workshop speakers. “It was an exciting event,” Eckstein stated, “especially since that day was my birthday and I got to be a part of empowering many of the women who attended.”

Of the 30-plus people in Eckstein’s workshop, only a few of them knew at the beginning of the workshop that they wanted to write a book. “Only four hands went up when I asked them,” Eckstein said, “and I was confident the entire room would leave not only with a book idea, but a completed outline.”

The workshop ran just over one hour and Eckstein walked the attendees through her exclusive systems for outlining and organizing a book. Every single attendee had a completed book outline and synopsis for each chapter written before they left. They even had time to learn the pros and cons of the most common methods to get published.

“I was thrilled!” Eckstein said. “It was amazing to watch women who had no idea they even wanted to write a book leave with their outlines done.”

Eckstein plans to take this workshop on tour to women’s business conferences nationwide. Click here to book Eckstein to conduct this special new workshop at your event today.


Kristen Eckstein is a highly sought-after publishing authority, three time best-selling author and award winning international speaker. She has started over 45 publishing companies and published over 133 books and eBooks. She has spoke in Anaheim, CA, London, England, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Tampa, FL and many points in-between.