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Be The Boss Magazine Features Kristen Eckstein, Creator of “21 Ways” Series

Kristen Eckstein was recently asked to contribute the story of how her first “21 Ways” book impacted her business to Be the Boss magazine, an online magazine that features business advice and opportunities in a very unique way. Be the Boss is not just a bunch of advertisements. It features half page color ads and […]


Eckstein to be Featured Radio Guest

Marcy Rosenbaum will feature international and award-winning speaker, author and publishing expert, Kristen Eckstein on her radio show The Livelihood Show Thursday evening, July 19th at 7:00 pm Eastern. On the show, Rosenbaum explores the stories and strategies that allow us to navigate our personal career paths and create “what’s next”  for ourselves in our […]


Kristen Eckstein to Speak Twice at Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems Workshop in August 2012

International and award-winning speaker and creative author consultant, Kristen Eckstein, will be presenting two workshops at NAMS 8 August 3-6, 2012. Her high energy sessions keep NAMS students coming back for more every time. From NAMS 7 attendees: “I came away with a complete Kindle and book creation plan that I hadn’t even thought of. […]