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100% of Attendees at CT Women’s Conference Left with Outlines to Books

The Connecticut Women’s Alliance hosted their third annual women’s conference on April 25, 2013. Award-winning speaker, Kristen Eckstein, was one of their breakout workshop speakers. “It was an exciting event,” Eckstein stated, “especially since that day was my birthday and I got to be a part of empowering many of the women who attended.” Of […]


“21 Ways” Series Founded by Kristen Eckstein Adds Three Titles in One Month

Founder of the “21 Ways” book series and author of three of the series’ titles, Kristen Eckstein, added three more¬†books to the series this month. 21 Ways to Add $100,000 to Your Business by Dr. Linette Montae was the first release. The book guides readers through 21 different ways to add $100,000 to their businesses […]