Interview Answers

Questions about writing:

How does an aspiring author decide what to write about first?

  • Several methods
  • Most important: what are people asking you?
  • Answer questions you’re already getting from people. They’re already hungry for your information!

What are the 4 crucial questions I should ask myself for any topic I’m thinking of writing about?

  1. What topic do you have the most passion for?
  2. What have you done the most research on?
  3. What do you have the most personal experience with?
  4. Which one is most likely to get completed?

What are your top tricks to stay focused and limit distractions?

  • Sign on the door
  • Bribery
  • #1: turn off spell check
  • Many more: take breaks, rewards, retreat, treat like a “job”

Is it better to set aside time each day or large chunks of time to write?

  • Depends on personality
  • ADD/hard to focus – time each day (15 minutes)
  • Need away from all distractions (retreat) – large chunks

Questions about publishing:

What are the 4 primary publishing options?

  1. Traditional
  2. Vanity
  3. Indie
  4. e-Publishing

What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing?

  • Pros: advance, ego boost
  • Cons: give away rights, timeline

What are the pros and cons of vanity publishing?

  • Pros: fast, inexpensive
  • Cons: poor quality, often done “wrong”, minimize marketing potential/results

What is “indie” publishing?

  • Creating a publishing arm to your existing business – or creating a new publishing company under your own name
  • Pros: fast, high quality, maximize marketing & distribution options, 100% total control, 100% profits, no “middle man”
  • Cons: investment, responsibility

What about eBooks? When should I decide to skip the other publishing options and publish directly to Kindle?

  • Consider lower investment
  • Pros: cheaper, super fast
  • Cons: lower credibility factor, can destroy your reputation as an expert (formatting/bad reviews)

What key steps do I need to take to be published?

  1. Finish writing
  2. Edit
  3. Cover design
  4. Interior layout (not for straight-to-Kindle)
  5. Printing
  6. Distribution
  7. Market, market, market

Questions about book marketing:

What are the top online marketing tactics to market my book?

  • Social media (FB, Twitter, LI, YouTube)
  • Email
  • Website/blog
  • Virtual book tour

What are the top offline marketing tactics I should use?

  • Printed materials: bookmarks, business cards, post cards
  • Networking
  • Speaking/Workshops

When exactly should I start marketing?

  • Before you finish writing – now!

What is an author platform?

  • The foundation of all your marketability – total of everything you do to market your book – placed in a strategic manner

What is a virtual book tour?

  • Scheduled “appearances” through interviews, guest blog posts, webinars, teleseminars, etc.