Hi there! I’m a book-loving, chocolate-eating, stuffed animal-hugging, people-craving gal who cannot imagine a life without books. I started writing when I was five years old, read my first “adult” level novel when I was nine and I’ve written and published more books than I can count. (Seriously… I lost count!)

Oh yeah, and in May 2015 I’ll be a black belt in karate. So yep, I’m a real ninja. 😉

In 2003 I served as the Marketing Director for a vanity publishing company that featured a traditional publishing arm. I learned the ins and outs of vanity, subsidy and traditional publishing – what to look for, what to avoid and most importantly, how to make sure authors don’t get ripped off. I also published two of my own books in less than a year.


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When I left that company, I co-founded Imagine! Studios, LLC, an art and media production company. We began publishing authors’ books under our own label, and I published another book of my own. After a relocation we sold that part of our business to another capable publisher and I began my next role as a publishing consultant.

In 2009 I wrote my fourth book in 3 1/2 days. In 2011 I wrote and published 21 Ways to Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book and 21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business, the first books in a  series of “no fluff”, to-the-point guidebooks. In 2012 I opened the “21 Ways” series to other authors through my company’s traditional publishing arm and published my own third book for the series, 21 Ways to Be a Kid Again & Get Adult Results. In 2013 I wrote and published 18 Kindle books in 18 weeks, including 16 titles in my Author’s Quick Guide series. I’m dedicated to fight like a ninja to create books that bring you business!

Since 2003, I have started over 50 publishing companies and published over 200 books and e-books. Several first-time authors I’ve helped independently publish have been traditionally published (with an advance!) as a direct result of going through my exclusive (now retired), I am Published! program.


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Currently I’m a highly sought-after publishing authority (aka: The Book Ninja), independent publishing consultant who loves starting publishing companies for entrepreneurs, an award-winning international speaker, multi-best-selling author and the Executive Director of the ServEntrepreneur Foundation. I regularly speak on topics such as How to Write, Publish & Market Your Book in 90 Days to How and How to Write & Publish a Book that Brings You Business. I’ve spoken in Anaheim, CA, London, England, Orlando, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Atlanta, GA, Hartford, CT, Daytona, FL, Toronto, Ontario and many points in-between. I’m available for virtual and live events and I’m really good at coming in last notice and covering for cancellations. 😉

My favorite thing in the world is to see YOU get business from your book!

That is, next to eating chocolate for breakfast. 🙂

Contact me for questions about publishing, or if you want to get together to have chocolate (any time of the day).

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