Eckstein Named Executive Director of Serventrepreneur Nonprofit

Serventrepreneur®, a not for profit organization, recently named publishing expert Kristen Eckstein as their Executive Director. The Serventrepreneur® Foundation is a 501-C3 public charity, non-profit organization with a family of growing ministry programs all driven by the same mission to “serve entrepreneurs” and to develop “servant entrepreneurs.”

Stepping down from the position is Mary Elizabeth Beal, founder of Serventrepreneur®.

Eckstein, having served on the board of the organization for two years, says, “I’m excited to be able to take the organization to another level. It’s a great opportunity to keep this organization alive and making a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and their communities.”

Eckstein and Beal met to exchange paperwork and details about Eckstein’s new position. In the meeting, they brainstormed the new direction Serventrepreneur® could take, including new outreach opportunities, a new Board of Directors and a new website.

Beal will continue to serve on the Board of Directors and support Eckstein in this new venture. Learn more about the Serventrepreneur® organization here: