Eckstein Repeat Guest on The Livelihood Show with Marcy Rosenbaum

Monday, October 22, 2012 – Kristen Eckstein, The Ultimate Book Coach, was interviewed a second time by Marcy Rosenbaum of The Livelihood Show. Rosenbaum specifically wanted to ask Eckstein questions regarding her process for writing books, including how her performance has increased with her latest change in physical environment and diet.

Eckstein has been on a “road back to health” since October 6, 2012 and has become very passionate about how her newfound energy in a healthier eating lifestyle translates to her work. “I get more done in less time, I’m more focused, and I’m taking more time off to relax and enjoy life,” says Eckstein


Kristen Eckstein is a highly sought-after publishing authority, two time best-selling author and award winning international speaker. She has started over 44 publishing companies and published over 122 books and eBooks. She has spoke in Anaheim, CA, London, England, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Tampa, FL and many points in-between. She’s available to speak at virtual and live events and she’s prepared to speak at events with little to no notice.