Expert Book Coach Appears in Guy Kawasaki’s New Book: APE

December 10, 2012 – Released on Kindle today, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur is the latest published work by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. Kristen Eckstein, The Ultimate Book Coach, was approached by Kawasaki to review the book before it would go into publication. Kawasaki says he was “blown away” by the number of comments, notations and corrections Eckstein added to the manuscript.

When asked about the release date of the book back in September 2012, Kawasaki answered, “This amazing woman [Eckstein] read the manuscript and pointed out so many ways to improve it that I’m not sure when it will be done because I want to make it perfect.”

Kawasaki made 95% of the corrections recommended by Eckstein, then asked Eckstein to review the corrected manuscript. “I was delighted to see I was mentioned several times throughout the book,” Eckstein said. Kawasaki mentions Eckstein several times throughout the manuscript and credits her with many insights.

In Kawasaki’s words, “She knows her stuff.”

As described on Amazon, “APE is 300 pages of step-by-step, tactical advice and practical inspiration. If you want a hype-filled, get-rich-quick book, you should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want a comprehensive and realistic guide to self-publishing, APE is the answer.”

Click here to order APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.


Kristen Eckstein is a highly sought-after publishing authority, two time best-selling author and award winning international speaker. She has started over 44 publishing companies and published over 122 books and eBooks. She has spoke in Anaheim, CA, London, England, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Tampa, FL and many points in-between. She’s available to speak at virtual and live events and she’s prepared to speak at events with little to no notice.