Interview Questions

Thank you for your interest in interviewing me! These are standard questions I answer on interviews. Feel free to pick and choose what you want – and I’m great at talking “on the fly” for more candid conversations. I look forward to being a guest to your audience and helping them make decisions for their book that best meet their goals!

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Questions about writing:

How does an aspiring author decide what to write about first?
What are the 4 crucial questions I should ask myself for any topic I’m thinking of writing about?
What are your top tricks to stay focused and limit distractions?
Is it better to set aside time each day or large chunks of time to write?

Questions about publishing:

What are the 4 primary publishing options?
What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing?
What are the pros and cons of vanity publishing?
What is “indie” publishing?
What about eBooks? When should I decide to skip the other publishing options and publish directly to Kindle?
What key steps do I need to take to be published?

Questions about book marketing:

What are the top online marketing tactics to market my book?
What are the top offline marketing tactics I should use?
When exactly should I start marketing?
What is an author platform?
What is a virtual book tour?

“Upsells” may be an affiliate commissioned product I currently offer or one of my free in-depth training webinars, How to Write a Book in 3 1/2 Days or Chocolate & the Art of Publishing

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