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21 Ways to Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Book is a common sense, easy-to-read guide on both writing and publishing your book. Heralded as “brilliant” and “no fluff,” this little book is chock full of how-to’s to get that book out of your head and into print!

The first half of this book tackles many ways to get your book out of your head and onto paper. Learn everything from compiling a book out of articles or blog posts to co-authoring with a ghostwriter to when and where to write for the most productivity and more!

The second half deals with publishing and the various forms it can take. Learn how to get traditionally published, publish an eBook, be part of an anthology and how to publish independently.

Don’t miss out on getting your book done, for less than $6!



Let’s face it, running a business is hard work! 21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business is an easy-to-implement guide to maximize networking and increase your bottom line. Each Way is full of step-by-step instructions to create lasting relationships that will impact your business’ success immediately and down the road.

This book will show you how to easily make a bigger impact on your business through stronger relationships and networking. Discover:

  • How to have a business card that makes a statement
  • The handshake that shows confidence
  • How to build a solid know-like-trust factor
  • A step-by-step easy follow-up system
  • How to be the one who is remembered after everyone else goes home

Building relationships is what drives and continuously fuels our businesses. But building those relationships takes time, hard work, and typically begins at a networking event or conference where you meet for the first time.

Kristen Eckstein is also the author of:

The Ultimate Friend Book: More than Your Average Address Book for Kids

The Ultimate Friend Book: More than Your Average Address Book for Teens

Financial Survival: Practical Ways to Save Money

Financial Revival: A Lifestyle of Freedom

Kristen is currently writing:

21 Ways to Create a Creativity Space

21 Ways to Automate Your Business