Publishing Expert to Launch Groundbreaking New Podcast

Book publishing expert Kristen Eckstein announced today that she will be launching the new Ultimate Book Coach Podcast in May 2013. “This podcast will be groundbreaking for aspiring authors and business owners who want to boost their credibility with a book,” Eckstein stated. She continued, “I’ll be letting secrets of the publishing industry out that no ‘self’ vanity publishing company wants aspiring authors to know.”

The podcast’s first episode will cover an overview of the book publishing industry, while the first five episodes will break down those methods into step-by-step techniques. Eckstein also plans to interview other publishing experts and guest authors on the show.

The show will air every two weeks. Click here to listen in.


Kristen Eckstein is a highly sought-after publishing authority, three time best-selling author and award winning international speaker. She has started over 45 publishing companies and published over 133 books and eBooks. She has spoke in Anaheim, CA, London, England, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Tampa, FL and many points in-between.

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